Dunya Tekstil is a leading producer of recycled fibres in Turkey since 1985.

We are pioneer of the textile recyling in Turkey. Now our company is operating of third generation of our family.

For almost a 30 year ,Dunya Tekstil has been converting textile waste into competitive advantages for our customers. Our global relationships, industry experience and technical expertise, we provide the blended fiber options, supply chain ability and waste reduction program to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Today, about 85% of post industrial textile waste is recycled in all around world. Dunya Tekstil is proud to have played a important role in that success in textile wastes. That’s just good business and good for the planet.

We are using the latest technology of pulling lines like a Laroche, Hatmaksan and Rolando-Biella to produce the best quality recycled fibers for different industries. Each line is designed for maximum efficiency and quality.

Our factory is established on a 80.000m2 land with a 5.400 m2 factory area, Dunya Tekstil is exporting almost 95% of its production to 28 countries among which most of them are European Countries.

In 2016, Dunya Tekstil is invested a new recycled fibre production line with a capacity of extra 350 tons/month. This fibre line has the latest technology and is able to produce a fibres for automotive,spinning,medical and furniture industries. By adding that new production line , our production capacity is growt to 2.500 tons per a month.

We are always doing research - development for our manufacturing and high-grade products. Our old machines are selling to local market regulary.

Usage Areas of Our Products:

Yarn Industry: Recycled Open-End Yarns and Mop Yarns
Paper Industry: To Make a Paper Pulp
Medical Industry: Medical Bleached Cotton and Various Medical Products
Furniture Industry: Felt and Eco-Furniture Fabrics
Automotive Industry: Automotive Interior


We would like to say with gratitude, with our employees who have a many years of experience, we are producing high quality combined fibres in our facilities. We're using Uster test devices in our laboratory to test all of our materials to improve the quality.

Today , our company is the largest recycled fiber exporter in Turkey.



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