Every month, Dunya purchases approximately 650 tons of textile waste from a diverse and wide range of suppliers in Turkey also all around the world. Once sorted the fiber is used to create both branded and customer specific fiber blends. In our stocks inventory has includes over 50 products of recycled textile waste and products; each one provide us a special set of properties. These products are using in a wide variety of end use applications We’ll be glad to develop a blend with the fiber content, fiber length, and color as highest quality, of course with best quality.   Usage Areas of Our Products:   Yarn Industry: Recycled Open-End Yarns Paper Industry: To Make a Paper Pulp Medical Industry: Medical Bleached Cotton and Various Medical Products Furniture Industry: Felt and Fabrics Automotive Industry: Automotive Interior

Our Products

Natural Fibres       Textile By-Products       Shoddy

*Cotton Comber        *Threadwaste            *Shoddy Fibres for Automotive

*Cotton Linters         *Yarn Waste                 *Shoddy Fibres for Yarn

*Bleached Cotton      *Tow Waste                 *Shoddy Fibres for Furniture

*Wool                           *Wiping Rags             *Shoddy Fibres for Medical

*Jute                            *Nonwovens - Felts   *Blended Shoddy Fibre

*Kot Açma *Kırkambar Açma *Elyaf Açma

*Tekstil Geri Dönüşüm

*Kot Elyaf

*Kırkambar Elyaf

*Denim Shoddy

*jeans Shoddy

*Denim  Waste