Today, about 70% of textile waste is recycled in worldwide. Our company is proud to have a played a role in that recycling. Our waste disposal solutions is enable a huge variety of textiel factories to minimize facility and disposal costs and to be re-use their own factory wastes in the production facility of new products. That disposal is good for the planet.

Textile and Industrial Wastes

With our industrial worldwide connections, we dispose your production fiber,plastics and texile wastes to a consistent revenue stream. In many progress, we are able to use your waste for re-use. Our managers and engineers can work with you to find a fast,easy and efficiently was for baling and transporting the packaged waste to our factory. We have a recycling license which is valid for worldwide can accept your textile waste to our facility for recycling as a minimal costs.

Recycling Program for Garment Producers

We have a integrated program with garment producers for recycle their textile wastes. Our company has a textile waste recycling lines in our facilities for process a garment wastes. The companies which has a garment wastes can cooperate with us to recycle their textile wastes to generate a fibers.